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Artwork hidden in glass

The new art at the beginning of the 20th century, Art nouveau, found its expression most naturally, especially in the forms of plants that received a symbolic or sensual impression in the artistic expression. This style has not remained dominant only in painting, sculpture and architecture, but has expanded to all forms of artistic creation, taking the leading place in design, illustration of books and magazines, furniture design, textiles and glass and ceramics. The beauty of glass items from the beginning of the 20th century continues to amaze the collectors and lovers today. Gentle and unusual colors, often inspired by precious stones, floral motifs and other elements of nature, are applied on vases, lamps, bottles for perfume, jewelry, but also in the interior design of the epochs.

French artist Rene Lalik (1860-1945) was born before the victory of the industry in Europe, in time before the bulbs, cars, telephones and electricity. By the time he died in the dawn of the atomic era, it could be said that he spent his life building two careers in two countries. By 1900, he was the most famous jewel in the world and designer of unprecedented proportions in the style of Art nouveau.

He left his contemporaries to haggle behind him by going beyond the creation of unique jewelry and art objects to the mass production of innovative and usable glassware. Rene Lalik introduced glass to the homes of the ordinary world in which he had never been before, trying to make mass production possible for his art objects to become available around the world.

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