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Glass is a material that is usually not in the nature

Liquid material is further processed by blowing glass, pressing glass, casting glass by hand or by machine and by pulling out the glass. The resulting semiconductors can be further processed n. p. r. grinding, ironing and the like.

The glass can be decorated and the decorating of the glass is entrusted to painters who have the perfect professional preparation in the processing of glass. The output point is an artistic drawing that translates into the definitive technical proposal and the basic technical form of the new product. In the furnaces where the material is processed in a heated state with heat, it is known, for example, broken glass.

This decoration is made so that the glass in the discharged state is submerged in water and it pops up and produces effects and then heats it again to make the surface smooth. Marble glass is created when the hot glass is wrapped in small pieces of colored glass in the core. One of the options is to wrap the core with colored threads in color. Laminated glass is a technique in furnaces that counts with several layers of colored glass, which are then further processed by grinding technique in a cold state.

Grinding is a glass processing technique in the cold state and various types of glass can be grinded as lead, painted, etc. A further technique is the painting of glass that can be performed in a warm and cold state and is painted with colors that are nothing but easy-to-rotate glass to which metal oxides are added. Ecoving is also a technique for decoration of glass in a cold state. Samples are ejected in a hydrofluoric acid bath that dissolves glass and intensity and the depth of the sample depends on the acid concentration and the time of the treatment.

A well-known technique is also matting the glass. The matt surfaces can be created by ecoving with acids or pastes or by sandblasting in which a strong sand stream acts on the glass to create matt surfaces, and finally, the glass surface can be matched with grinding by various masses. Glass processing includes glass metalisation where liquid metals are applied similarly to painting the glass.

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