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One of the ways of glass processing is glass blowing

Handmade work is carried out by taking a glass from the stove with a tube of about 15 mm and a length of 120-150 cm with a wooden handle and a metal spear, a smaller amount of glass mass that is aligned and exhaled, leaving a little to cool and take a further amount the glass masses it directs in a special tool and blows and forms by turning and finally the product is separated from the tube and relates to the cooling oven. Later, the product is warmed up and refreshed.

In mechanical production, the blowing of glass is performed by means of mechanisms and semi-automatic machines or full automated production in order to obtain the appropriate forms. Both of these principles are present in the production of bulbs or bottles.

Because of its transparency, glass, as a material for the production of three-dimensional art, is very popular. The sculpture made of glass is no longer determined by its mass, but by the light that passes through it or the colors it receives from the environment. In addition to transparency, the glass also has a light-shaped feature.

webmasterOne of the ways of glass processing is glass blowing