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The glass is amorphous (non-crystalline) hard material

The glass is transparent transparent to the visible light (there is also an impenetrable glass). Usually the glass does not pass through the light of small wavelengths because it contains primers.

Widely used term glass is usually used only for this type of material. The glass is known for its use for window glass and glass bottles. There are many types of glass based on silica. Usually glass for windows and bottles is a specific type of sodium-lime glass. It consists of approximately 75% silicon dioxide (SiO2), sodium oxide (Na2O) from sodium carbonate (Na2CO3), calcium oxide, also known as lime (CaO), and several minor additives. Very transparent and durable quartz glass can be made of pure silica. Other ingredients are used to improve the product’s temperature readability.

Numerous forms of silicate glass application rest on its optical transparency, which allows one of the primary uses of silicate glass as window windows. The glass can reflect and refract light. These properties can be accelerated by cutting and polishing, thereby forming optical lenses, prisms, fine glass objects, and optical fiber for high speed data transmission using light.

webmasterThe glass is amorphous (non-crystalline) hard material